YouTube Guide for Beginning your Knitting/Crochet Journey

Are you wanting to start knitting but feel overwhelmed while searching YouTube for tutorials? I am here to help you out! Whether you are interested in starting your knitting journey or your crochet journey, you will find something for yourself below.

The first several playlists are for right-handed crafters. The last two are for left-handed crafters. However, I suggest you do some research on whether you should craft the left-handed way or if you should learn with the more traditional right-handed methods as many people struggle to follow tutorials and patterns when they craft in the left-handed style.

Knitting – Yarn in Left Hand

Known as “The Continental Method”, this knitting style tensions the yarn using your left hand. This is a great way to start learning to knit if you are already a crocheter. The yarn tension is very similar to the crocheting tension.

Knitting – Yarn in Right Hand

The large majority of knitters use their right hands to tension their yarn. This is known as English style knitting.

Some Things You Should Know About Crochet

When crocheting, all (right-handed) methods require you to tension your yarn in your left hand. It might be a good idea to look at several different videos on tensioning your yarn as what is comfortable for one person is not comfortable for another. You should also know that the two most common ways to hold a hook are the pen grip and the knife grip. There is no wrong way to hold your hook or tension your yarn, just make sure you feel comfortable.

The videos I have attached below refer to UK terms and US terms. Patterns will usually list whether they have used UK or US terms at the top. However, an easy tell is to look for the words “single crochet”, if you can find that term you know you are using a US pattern as there is no such term in UK terminology. Both are useful to learn as the international society we live in means that you are likely to encounter each of them at some stage. If you are from South Africa, I recommend you start with the US terminology.

Crochet – US Terms

Toni Lipsey from TL Yarn Crafts is one of my favourite fibre crafters of all time, she is spunky and very clear. I definitely recommend her videos.

Crochet – UK Terms

Bella Coco does a great job of teaching you in the UK terminology (as that is where she is from) but also telling you what the UK stitch is called in the US terms.

Knitting – Left Handed

Crochet – Left Handed


Tunisian Crochet

For a really fun mix between knitting and crocheting, try tunisian crochet (however, I would not recommend this for your first attempt at yarn crafting)

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